Week 4

If you have been regularly exercising since the start of the 12-week challenge you should be starting to notice some improvements, even if slight. Progress if you feel you are ready or stick to the earlier workouts. Remember it is your journey and you need to find what is going to work for you to achieve your health goals.

Do these sessions every other day and try to do two easy 20-30min walks or jogs on other days and then a longer walk or run of 30-40min on the weekend. Don’t forget parkruns are a great free way to get active in a supportive and encouraging environment so maybe try one of those this Saturday.

Session 1 – Strength and cardio

(The session should take 30-45 minutes including your warm-up and cool-down)

Workout 20-30min:

  • 10 squats, 10 push-ups (wall, elevated, knees, toes, chest press machine at the gym), with the option of a 1min rest + 1min walk/running short shuttles or 2min walk/running. Repeat 1-2 times;
  • 10-20 step-ups/lunges, 10 rows/pull-ups (seated horizontal row machine at gym, bent-over row with dumbbells, single arm row) with 1min rest + 1min walk/run or 2min walk/run Repeat 1-2 times.
  • 10 shoulder press (with dumbbells, barbell, shoulder press machine if at gym), 10 opposing arm and leg or 20-30second hover (on knees or toes) with 1min rest + 1min walk/run or 2min walk/run. Repeat 1-2 times.

Session 2 – Intervals

(Don’t forget to include a warm-up and cool-down)

Workout: Aim for 20-25 minutes of intervals at a 1:1.5 work:recovery ratio. This might be walk fast:walk slow; walk:jog; harder run:easy run. Try working harder for a longer amount of time to the previous two weeks, maybe 60 seconds harder:90 seconds easy. You could do this around an oval or around the block. At the gym you could do it in 5-10min blocks using the cardio machines. If it feels too easy, try working harder for longer and having less rest. If it feels too hard, have more rest/recovery time.


Session 3 – strength and cardio

(This session should take 30-45min including warm-up and cool-down)

Workout 20-30min:

20-30 second squat hold/10 squats;

10 push-ups;

10-20 lunges/step-ups;

10 pull-ups/rows;

10 shoulder press;

30-45sec opposing arm and leg/hover;

2min walk/walk-run/run;

Repeat 2-4 times


Week 5



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