Week 9

If you feel like you have been making steady progress and your sessions are feeling easier then give yourself some added challenges in the final four weeks.

I will offer suggestions as to how to do this over the next few weeks, including using combination exercises in your workout or adding some stairs or short hill efforts. But as always, only progress when you are ready.

Do these sessions every other day and try to run or walk for 30 minutes on two other days then go for a 70-minute or 8-9km run/walk on the weekend if you have set yourself the goal of conquering 10k.

Session 1 – Strength and cardio

 (This session should take 30-45 minutes including your warm-up and cool-down)

 Workout 20-30min:

  • 12 squats, 12 push-ups, 12 pull-ups + rest, walk or run 2-3min. Repeat 1-2;
  • 10 lunge with bicep curl, 10 shoulder press, 10 triceps kickback + rest, walk or run 2-3 min. Repeat 1-2;
  • 10 opposing arm and leg/30-45 second hover. Repeat 1-2.


Session 2 – Intervals

 (Include a 5-min warm-up and 5-10min cool-down)

Workout: Aim for 20 minutes of hill intervals at a 1:1 work:recovery ratio. This might be walk fast:walk slow; jog:walk; harder run:easy run. Try working 60 seconds harder:60 seconds easy. If you’re not ready for hills then stick to the flat. At the gym you could do it in 5-10min blocks using the cardio machines. And as always, if it feels too easy, try working harder for longer and having less rest. If it feels too hard, have more rest/recovery time.


Session 3 – strength and cardio

 (This session is circuit style and should take 30-45min including warm-up and cool-down)

Workout 20-30min:

Change stations on the minute, work:rest options are 30 seconds working:30sec rest; 40:20 or 50:10. Take longer or less rest as you need. Do 2-3 times through.

  1. Squats/squat hold;
  2. Skipping/walking;
  3. Push-ups (chest press);
  4. Backwards-forwards 20m running/walking shuttles;
  5. Pull-ups/rows;
  6. Jog on the spot with high knees/walk;
  7. Lunges with bicep curls;
  8. Easy-hard running/walking 40m shuttles;
  9. Triceps dips/kickbacks;
  10. Opposing arm and leg/hover;


Week 10 


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