Hill2Harbour 10k

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Get fit for the H2H with fit-fy

Set yourself a challenge in 2013 by taking on the Herald Hill2Harbour 10k Рeither running or walking. fit-fy are running two sessions per week in the lead-up to the April 7 race, which weaves its way from Merewether to the harbour. There will be an interval session and a cross training session each week and, as an introductory offer, fit-fy are offering free trial sessions for January 29 and 31 and February 5 and 7. Cost will be $10 per session. There is also the option of joining the fit-fy team for a free long run or walk Saturdays 7am from Merewether Baths.


Tuesdays, 6am –¬†Intervals – Townson Oval, Merewether and Bar Beach – $10

Thursdays, 6am – Cross Training – Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether and Bar Beach – $10

Saturdays, 7am – Long Run/walk – Merewether Baths (FREE)

Contact us (0412 610 211) for more information or to book your spot.