Pre-season ‘torture’ sessions

Get the edge over your rivals with one of fit-fy’s gruelling 80-90 minute ‘torture’ pre-season sessions. The sessions are also a great team-bonding exercise and are set in and around Newcastle’s beaches and coastline. They incorporate stairs, sand, hills and strength work.

Costs: 10-15 people – $10 each

16-24 people – $7.50 each

25-plus people – $5 each

Contact fit-fy on 0412 610 211 or for more information or to book a session.


Nutrition Tips

Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand and our expert nutritionist Anita Pugh  has these tips for training:

Don’t get fancy before getting the basics right. So many people spend a
lot of money on fancy sports supplements without first having the
foundations in place.
1. Hydration. Drink plenty of water every day, as just 2% dehydration can
effect performance by 10%.
2. Protein. Ensure you take in enough protein throughout the day as well
as post-workout in order to repair and maintain muscle rather than start
breaking it down for energy. Fast easy protein snacks including a free
range boiled egg, a free range skinless chicken drumstick, a small handful
of raw nuts or a protein shake made with a quality whey protein.
3. Rest days and good quality sleep is crucial to your health and
performance. Over-training is a common mistake in those training for an
event or just on a continual exercise program. The rest part of the
program is as important as the exercise part, so make sure you factor
some in if you are training 6-7 days a week and want optimum results.


Good snack options for busy people:

Boiled eggs, raw nuts, Nairns oatcakes & hummus, a few slices of chicken breast, plain biodynamic Jalna yoghurt – add your own passionfruit


Tips for weight loss and good health:

Never buy ‘light’ or ‘skim’ products, they are often high in sugar;

Fat is not what’s making you fat – it’s probably sugar;

Never skip breakfast;

Eat little and often;

Add some protein to everything;

Drink more water;

Watch your alcohol and coffee intake.

Interval Session To Try

Just starting out with fitness? why not try some interval training. Interval training is a great way to improve your fitness and recovery times. And there is so much variety possible – you can apply it to walking, running, cycling or skipping for a few examples.

It is also great because research suggests that you can achieve more results from 15 or 20 minutes of interval training three times a week than a longer run or walk at a slower, constant pace.

So it is time efficient, it is also good for fat-burning and great for increasing your metabolism – which means you can burn fat for longer after your workout.

There are no hard and fast rules but a good guide is to try a 1:2 ratio, so maybe jog for one minute then walk for two or walk faster for one minute then slower for two and continue for 15-30 minutes.

Or if you want to push yourself a bit harder, run harder for the shorter interval then run slower for the longer interval. If you don’t feel confident enough to sustain a faster pace for one minute then adjust your intervals to suit and perhaps try 15 or 20-second bursts.

Basically, my motto is just keep moving.

Interval session guide

15-30 minutes

Walking 5-10 x [1min fast-2min slow]

Jogging/walking 5-10 x [1min jogging-2 min walking]

Running 5-10 x [1min faster-2min slower]

Make sure you include a 5-10 minute easy warm-up, cool-down and stretch.

Training tips with Tom Atkinson

Check out kelloggs ironman Tom Atkinson’s training tips:

1 – Warm up and warm down is the best time to focus on technique and new skills
but you still benefiting your aerobic system and improving your recovery

2  – If your resting heart rate is up by more than 5 only train your aerobic
system, up by more than 10 and you sleep in!

3 – Must replace your carbs within 20 minutes of training. Bowl of porridge with
6 different fruit on top usually does the trick.

As well as training full-time to compete on the elite ironman series, Tom is also a brilliant accountant for Peerwealth.

Week in Review

Started our hill2harbour training sessions this week and had some good workouts. Here are the sessions we did. Give them a go, or join fit-fy for some similar sessions next week (starting feb 4):

tues, townson oval 6am: intervals. 1 lap x block easy warm-up + stretch followed by 6 x approx 500m efforts (Mitchell, lingard and merewether sts) then walking recoveries along berner. 1 lap easy cool-down + stretch.

thurs, Gibbs bros oval 6am: 1 lap easy w-up+ stretch. 15min tree loop continuous. Then 6 x 1min (30:30) strength superset (2 x squat press, push-up; lunges, pull-ups; 100s, hovers) + 1 lap. 1 lap cool-down + stretch.

Sat, merewether baths 7am: first sat social run/walk held in TESTING conditions to say the least, but fun nonetheless.

More free trials this week coming (starting feb 4) so join us for similar sessions to the above. All can be modified for varying levels.