Week in Review

Started our hill2harbour training sessions this week and had some good workouts. Here are the sessions we did. Give them a go, or join fit-fy for some similar sessions next week (starting feb 4):

tues, townson oval 6am: intervals. 1 lap x block easy warm-up + stretch followed by 6 x approx 500m efforts (Mitchell, lingard and merewether sts) then walking recoveries along berner. 1 lap easy cool-down + stretch.

thurs, Gibbs bros oval 6am: 1 lap easy w-up+ stretch. 15min tree loop continuous. Then 6 x 1min (30:30) strength superset (2 x squat press, push-up; lunges, pull-ups; 100s, hovers) + 1 lap. 1 lap cool-down + stretch.

Sat, merewether baths 7am: first sat social run/walk held in TESTING conditions to say the least, but fun nonetheless.

More free trials this week coming (starting feb 4) so join us for similar sessions to the above. All can be modified for varying levels.


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