Nutrition Tips

Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand and our expert nutritionist Anita Pugh  has these tips for training:

Don’t get fancy before getting the basics right. So many people spend a
lot of money on fancy sports supplements without first having the
foundations in place.
1. Hydration. Drink plenty of water every day, as just 2% dehydration can
effect performance by 10%.
2. Protein. Ensure you take in enough protein throughout the day as well
as post-workout in order to repair and maintain muscle rather than start
breaking it down for energy. Fast easy protein snacks including a free
range boiled egg, a free range skinless chicken drumstick, a small handful
of raw nuts or a protein shake made with a quality whey protein.
3. Rest days and good quality sleep is crucial to your health and
performance. Over-training is a common mistake in those training for an
event or just on a continual exercise program. The rest part of the
program is as important as the exercise part, so make sure you factor
some in if you are training 6-7 days a week and want optimum results.


Good snack options for busy people:

Boiled eggs, raw nuts, Nairns oatcakes & hummus, a few slices of chicken breast, plain biodynamic Jalna yoghurt – add your own passionfruit


Tips for weight loss and good health:

Never buy ‘light’ or ‘skim’ products, they are often high in sugar;

Fat is not what’s making you fat – it’s probably sugar;

Never skip breakfast;

Eat little and often;

Add some protein to everything;

Drink more water;

Watch your alcohol and coffee intake.


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