May Madness – $30 for month of morning sessions

fit-fy understand it’s getting darker and colder, and we are here to help!! Come and try as many of our 6am sessions in May for just $30!! Madness, right!! Choose from five sessions per week or attend them all.

Mondays at bar beach; Tuesdays at merewether baths; Thursdays at Gibbs brothers oval; merewether; Fridays at bar beach; and Saturdays at Gibbs brothers oval.

Contact fit-fy on 0412 610 211 for more information or to take up this offer


More Mums’ Fitness

fit-fy are bringing more Mums’ Fitness classes to you starting May 1. In addition to the Wednesday 9.30am class at the YWCA hall off Dawson St in Cooks Hill, there will be a Friday 9.30am class. Check out our Fit For Mums section for more details and for our holiday workouts.

Snappy Session

Had 20 minutes to spare this afternoon so smashed out this quickfire 20-minutes session (you will need a skipping rope and medicine ball and a set of stairs):

– 2minutes skipping, walking or jogging on the spot and stretch for warm-up;

– find some stairs and run or walk up them, jog or walk back to the start then go again. Do five loops.

– skip as hard as you can for 1min then throw the medicine ball off the chest against a wall hard and fast at close range for 45 sec, have a 15-sec breather then repeat the set four more times.

– walk a minute or two and stretch down.

**You could mix up this session by doing the set as 1min skipping, 45sec medicine ball on wall then a set of stairs, walk recovery. Repeat 4-5 times.