Snappy Session

Had 20 minutes to spare this afternoon so smashed out this quickfire 20-minutes session (you will need a skipping rope and medicine ball and a set of stairs):

– 2minutes skipping, walking or jogging on the spot and stretch for warm-up;

– find some stairs and run or walk up them, jog or walk back to the start then go again. Do five loops.

– skip as hard as you can for 1min then throw the medicine ball off the chest against a wall hard and fast at close range for 45 sec, have a 15-sec breather then repeat the set four more times.

– walk a minute or two and stretch down.

**You could mix up this session by doing the set as 1min skipping, 45sec medicine ball on wall then a set of stairs, walk recovery. Repeat 4-5 times.



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