30:30 sessions Jan 11-17, 2016

Keep your health and fitness goals for 2016 on track with some challenging but hopefully rewarding sessions. Here are some if you are looking for ideas:

Monday, January 11 – strength and cardio

5min warm-up with range of motion stretches

Find a set of stairs for this one.

10 minutes x [10 push-ups, 10 pull-ups/rows, 2 sets of stairs] and 10 minutes x [10 biceps curl with shoulder press, 10 triceps dips, 2 sets stairs]

5min cool-down and stretch


Tuesday, January 12 – cardio

Choose between 30min x light cycle, swim, walk or jog. You could also combine them for a mini triathlon workout (ie. 10min swim, 10min cycle, 10min jog


Wednesday, January 13 – intervals

30min continuous x [hard 15sec: easier 45sec; hard 30: easier 30; hard 45: easier 15; hard 60: easier 60. Go back to start and keep going for total workout duration of 30min]


Thursday, January 14 – stretch

30min stretch, yoga, swim or pilates


Friday, January 15 – strength, cardio and swim

30min continuous x [10 squats, 10 push-ups, 20 lunges, 10 pull-ups/rows, 20 mountain climbers, swim or walk in water for two laps. Go back to start and repeat]


Saturday, January 16 – cardio combo

Choose three cardio exercises and do two rounds of five minutes each. (ie. 5min rower, 5min treadmill, 5min cycle then go back to start)


Sunday, January 17 – intervals

20min x [harder 60sec: easier 90sec

10min x [run hard 100m, walk or light jog recovery



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