30:30 final instalment

Monday, January 25: Flat interval session (Townson Oval is perfect for this)

(30 minutes continuous x)

400m easy

100m hard: 300m easy

200m hard: 200m easy

300m hard: 100m easy

400m hard

Tuesday, January 26: 30 minute swim/walk in water

Wednesday, January 27: strength and cardio combo

3 sets x (10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 pull-ups/rows, 2min run/walk)

3 sets x (10 lunges, 10 bicep curl with shoulder press, 10 tricep, 2min run/walk)

3 sets x (10 Ab curls, 10 glute bridge, 30-60 second hover)

Thursday, January 28: 30min cycle/bike class

Friday, January 29: 15min stretching and 15min core work

Saturday, January 30: strength and cardio

20 minutes x (10 squat with press, 5 push-ups with 10 mountain climbers after each push-up, 10 dead lifts with 2 pull-ups/rows on each dead lift, 10 lunges with bicep curls, 10 lunges with tricep)

10 minutes x run or walk intervals. 20 seconds harder, 40 seconds easier.

Sunday, January 31: 30min run/walk



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