The novice triathlon trains…

So, with five weeks until the novice women’s only triathlon in Newcastle on March 6 ( and with time to train limited I have done two short one-hour sessions which went like this:

Session 1: 30min ride, including six x 200m intervals on a slight gradient with 200m recoveries up Kilgour Ave, Bar Beach. This worked out to be roughly 25 seconds harder and 50 seconds recovery. 10min run x 20seconds hard:40sec easy at Empire Park. Ride to Merewether Oceans Baths for six-lap swim. Cruisy ride home.

Session 2: 20min ride, including 10 intervals at Townson Oval of 200m harder:200m easier. 10min run, consisting of 10 intervals x 20seconds harder:40sec easier. Easy ride to Merewether Ocean Baths for six-lap. Cruisy ride home.



Pregnancy is not a sickness – I plan to keep moving!

I was planning to do the Sun Herald City2Surf this year for the fourth time but will instead more than likely be doing it vicariously through friends.

My partner and I are 16 weeks pregnant with our third child and, although I have managed to exercise throughout our other two pregnancies, running the challenging 14km of Sydney’s iconic race may be beyond my capabilities at 27 weeks pregnant.

Exercising while pregnant has been proven to be beneficial to both mother and child and I am a bit advocate of staying active for as long as you can. But you should always be guided by your healthcare professional first.

I am however planning to do the 10km event at the Winery Running Festival held up the Hunter Valley on July 19 and 20, which should put me around the 23/24-week mark. I am sure people will have opinions on this – some supportive and some not so.

From my experience you get some strange looks when you exercise with a growing belly. ‘You’re really shaking up that baby, love’, is what one older gentleman told me once.

But it is not like I will be trying to do it at race pace – I will just be going at my own pregnant, stop-10-times-to-go-to-the-toilet pace in an attempt to stay active.

If you are looking for a winter fitness goal or challenge then both the Winery Running Festival, which offers distances of 5km to 42km, and the City2Surf are great.

The City2 Surf is just over 10 weeks away but  there is still plenty of time to train for it. In an attempt to keep the Hunter moving as the weather becomes less inviting for training, I plan to offer some training suggestions for what you might doing to get yourself in shape for both of these events. And even if you are not keen to do either of these events you might find benefit in the sessions.

So stay tuned!

Hill2Harbour hill training

We’ve moved on to some hill intervals as we prepare for the Herald Hill2Harbour 10k on April 7. Last Tuesday morning we did a great hill session up Memorial Drive. Give it a go, or join us Tuesday mornings for more of the same.

Last week’s session: 5min easy flat jogging warm-up + stretch; starting from the bottom of Cooks Hill Car Park, 5min uphill interval followed by 5min recovery jog/walk down hill; 4min up-4min down; 3min up-3min down; 2min up-2min down; 1min up-1min down. Finish with recovery run back down the hill and stretch. OUCH!!

Sessions are $10.

Tuesday, March 5, 6am – hill intervals, meet bottom of Cooks Hill car park

Tuesday, March 12, 6am – flat intervals at Townson Oval

Tuesday, March 19, 6am – hill session, CH car park

Tuesday, March 26, 6am – hill session, CH car park

Tuesday, April 2, 6am – flat intervals at Townson Oval


All Thursday morning sessions 6am at Gibbs Brothers Oval and are cross-training. Check out last week’s session here:


Easy jogging warm-up lap + stretch

3 x (10 pull-ups, run tree loop (roughly 2min), 10 push-ups, run reverse tree loop)

6 x (45sec hard flat running around oval followed by 45sec easy jogging/walking)

walking cool-down + stretch


Week in Review

Started our hill2harbour training sessions this week and had some good workouts. Here are the sessions we did. Give them a go, or join fit-fy for some similar sessions next week (starting feb 4):

tues, townson oval 6am: intervals. 1 lap x block easy warm-up + stretch followed by 6 x approx 500m efforts (Mitchell, lingard and merewether sts) then walking recoveries along berner. 1 lap easy cool-down + stretch.

thurs, Gibbs bros oval 6am: 1 lap easy w-up+ stretch. 15min tree loop continuous. Then 6 x 1min (30:30) strength superset (2 x squat press, push-up; lunges, pull-ups; 100s, hovers) + 1 lap. 1 lap cool-down + stretch.

Sat, merewether baths 7am: first sat social run/walk held in TESTING conditions to say the least, but fun nonetheless.

More free trials this week coming (starting feb 4) so join us for similar sessions to the above. All can be modified for varying levels.

FREE trial sessions this week and next

As an introductory offer, fit-fy are offering free trial sessions until February 10, 2013 for our Hill2Harbour training sessions (tues 6am at Townson Oval, Merewether and thurs 6am at Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether) and Mums’ Fitness (wed YWCA Cooks Hill, Dawson St 9.30am). Call us on 0412 610 211 for more information.

Social Saturday Run – from Merewether Baths 7am

Webpic Shoot-4301-_1000

Get moving with the fit-fy team by joining us for a free social run/walk Saturday mornings, starting February 2 from Merewether Baths. Use it to prepare for challenges like the Herald Hill2Harbour 10k on April 7, to get fit or to just get active in a social setting. All welcome. We will start off with shorter distances/times and build each week. Meet near kids’ baths.

Hill2Harbour 10k

Webpic Shoot-4301-_1000-1

Get fit for the H2H with fit-fy

Set yourself a challenge in 2013 by taking on the Herald Hill2Harbour 10k – either running or walking. fit-fy are running two sessions per week in the lead-up to the April 7 race, which weaves its way from Merewether to the harbour. There will be an interval session and a cross training session each week and, as an introductory offer, fit-fy are offering free trial sessions for January 29 and 31 and February 5 and 7. Cost will be $10 per session. There is also the option of joining the fit-fy team for a free long run or walk Saturdays 7am from Merewether Baths.


Tuesdays, 6am – Intervals – Townson Oval, Merewether and Bar Beach – $10

Thursdays, 6am – Cross Training – Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether and Bar Beach – $10

Saturdays, 7am – Long Run/walk – Merewether Baths (FREE)

Contact us (0412 610 211) for more information or to book your spot.