7-minute workout

A new baby in the house (plus two other children) means time to start working on regaining some pre-baby fitness is lacking. This is the 7-minute workout I have been doing at home when I can to start things moving again. You just need a skipping rope, a set of dumbbells and not really much room:

50 skips
10 squats
60 skips
20 shoulder throws (with DB)
70 skips
20 lunges
80 skips
10 bent-over rows (with DB)
90 skips
10 burpees
100 skips

If I have more time I add 1-2 more sets. You can replace skipping with walking or jogging, shoulder throws with push-ups, burpees with shoulder press.

Give it a go!!


Mums fitness Term 1, 2014

The holiday period is nearly over – ‘thank goodness!’, I hear most mums saying – and fit-FY’s mum’s classes will return to usual times and venues in the next two weeks:

Mondays, 4pm – Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether (first session feb 3)

Wednesdays, 9.30am – Cooks Hill YWCA hall, Dawson St (first session jan 29)

Fridays, 9.30am – Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether (first session jan 31)

Click on Fit For Mums section above for more info

Mums holiday fitness schedule

It’s the New Year and time to get moving with your fitness goals. Here is Fit-FY’s holiday schedule for Mums’ Fitness. Come along for a first free trial. Bring the kids and wear them out while you get a workout too! PLEASE NOTE: Start times are earlier for the holidays – but they remain loose starting times so don’t worry if you are running late.

Monday, January 6, 2014: 9am at Gibbs Brothers Oval, Rowan Crescent, Merewether

Wednesday, January 8: 9am, meet at Merewether Baths

Friday, January 10: 9am, Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether

Wednesday, January 15: 9am, Merewether Baths

Friday, January 17: 9am, Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether

Monday, January 20: 9am, Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether

Wednesday, January 22: 9am, Merewether Baths

Friday, January 24: 9am, Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether


Cost is $15/session; $25/2 sessions x week; $35/3 sessions x week


PLEASE NOTE: There is no session on Monday, January 13, 2014.

Spring into Summer Special!!

Get yourself in shape for summer with fit-fy’s spring fitness. The first two weeks of all group sessions – that is morning outdoor cross training sessions plus our mums’ fitness sessions – will be FREE!! That is September 1-14, 2013 inclusive FREE!!

Check out Fit For Groups and Fit For Mums sections for more information on times, days, venues etc

Contact fit-fy on 0412 610 211 for further information or to book some free sessions.

Nutrition For Busy Mums

Being a busy mum/parent or just busy in general means your nutrition is probably not what is could be. Misoteria nutritionist Anita Pugh (www.facebook.com/misoteria) runs workshops for mums which help teach them how they need to
eat to get the best out of their body while also looking after their whole family.

This is Anita’s advice for mums on the go:

‘Mums are renowned for skipping meals, eating on the run or getting by on
coffee only.  The best thing any mum can do for her and her family is to
eat regularly and remember the importance of protein.  It’s the amino
acids in protein that enable our bodies to grow and develop, repair and
detoxify. Our children have twice the requirement that we do so it makes
sense to incorporate the same principles for the whole family. Eating
sufficient protein can help ensure you don’t get those blood sugar lows
responsible for fatigue, mood swings, weight gain and those afternoon
sugar heists!

Start the day with some high quality protein – eggs or dinner leftovers
are quick. Good quality protein can be found in grass fed meats, free
range eggs, fish, free range chicken, nuts, seeds, lentils and beans.
Then make sure you eat every few hours, better to eat this way than go all day with no

‘Giving your body no fuel to run on is asking for trouble.  In the short term it might just be fatigue and cravings that you feel, but you are laying foundations for disease in the body longer term.

‘Stress has
become a common issue as mums get busier with work and life commitments
and attempt to juggle everything that is thrown at them. In times of
stress the body needs more nutrition than usual and often we give it less.
Stress depletes magnesium and B vitamins, therefore affecting your
sleep and energy as well as many other important functions in the body.
It’s imperative that a busy mum feeds herself well in order to cope with
her busy days.

‘Along with the protein make sure you’re getting lots of
colourful vegetables, and the cruciferous ones are the most humble of the
super foods. Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage are
capable of removing toxins from the body like no other food.

‘I am
very passionate about children eating well but I understand how
challenging it can be and offer only simple, fast and practical solutions
for busy mums. Nutrition can be very simple when you apply a few key
rules to live by.  I don’t do diets but we do discuss which dieting
principles work for long-term health and which ones don’t. I don’t
believe in counting calories. You don’t need to know how many calories
are in a food to make a decision about whether it’s good for your health
and in fact calorie counting often leads to poor food choices.  All you
really need to focus on is – ‘JERF’ Just Eat Real Food!’

Check out more nutrition tips and dates for Anita’s workshops at www.facebook.com/misoteria

One For The Busy Mums

Here’s a snappy session I devised while cooking dinner last night. When you’re busy, which most of us are these days, you’ve got to work out when you can. And doing a small workout is better than none at all. In between slicing, dicing and boiling last night I squeezed this 10-minute workout in:

1min squat hold (against the wall)

10 push-ups

10 pull-ups with dumbbells

10 dead lifts

10 lunge-bicep

10 tricep extension

Then repeat from the top

**Modify each exercise to suit your capabilities and try to get a stretch in before and after as well. Get moving!!

More Mums’ Fitness

fit-fy are bringing more Mums’ Fitness classes to you starting May 1. In addition to the Wednesday 9.30am class at the YWCA hall off Dawson St in Cooks Hill, there will be a Friday 9.30am class. Check out our Fit For Mums section for more details and for our holiday workouts.

Helping To Prevent Injuries

If you are just starting out where fitness is concerned, or are returning to sport after a lengthy absence, there are a few things you can do to help ward off injuries. Ethos Health physiotherapist Dave Naylor has these essential tips for doing the right thing by your body:


1. Good Wheels (Footwear) – don’t create a whole new body in yesterday’s shoes. Your feet and lower limbs will thank you if you give them a good supportive shoe.

2. S-T-R-E-T-C-H – muscles get tighter as we get older and as we exercise. Stretching assists in relieving this tightness. Get in the habit of stretching between sessions, with 30-second holds a good starting point.

3. RICER (Rest Ice Compression Elevation Refer) – if you are starting to get pain during and after exercise, apply some ice straight after exercising. And if your pain or stiffness is simply not going away, do the Refer thing and consult a health professional sooner rather than later.




FREE trial sessions this week and next

As an introductory offer, fit-fy are offering free trial sessions until February 10, 2013 for our Hill2Harbour training sessions (tues 6am at Townson Oval, Merewether and thurs 6am at Gibbs Brothers Oval, Merewether) and Mums’ Fitness (wed YWCA Cooks Hill, Dawson St 9.30am). Call us on 0412 610 211 for more information.